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EMS industry trends to pay attention to after coronavirus

EMS industry trends to pay attention to after coronavirus

„It is not the strongest species that survive, but the ones that are most able to adapt.” Will YOU be a survivor? Sure, as long as you keep the following EMS industry trends in mind.

Well, if we believe Charles Darwin, you will be a survivor of the EMS industry only if you’re able to adapt to the changing times. Coronavirus will affect fitness industry and EMS industry as well.

EMS industry trend #1: People have their OWN EMS kit


Justfit outdoor training (@dennis_trener)

Because of hygienic reasons personal EMS devices are becoming more popular. This means that people themselves have their own EMS device and train at home or train in the gym with their own equipment. Definitely a top EMS industry trend.

Keep up with this trend with the JustfitMe personal EMS kits!

#2: Multiuser home training


Multiuser home training

Since an EMS equipment is quite an investment, home use devices that are capable of trining several users will become the winners of the competion. That means that a whole family can train with the same equipment. 1 EMS kit, several users.

This is a brand new concept and again and Justfit is the first to introduce it to the world.

Keep up with this trend with the multiuser home training device JustfitMe Ace!

#3: Keep mobile


JustfitLite personal training

Small studios and personal trainers of course prefer those EMS devices which help them keep mobile and don’t acquire big investment.

Keep up with this trend with the perfect choice for personal trainers, JustfitLite EMS kit!

EMS industry trend #4: Wireless EMS


Justfit outdoor training (@justfitart.ua)

Because of the demand to stay mobile and even go outdoors with EMS, wireless systems have a great advantage over wired systems. As you know, Justfit was the first company to introduce wireless EMS to the world which now is more important than ever.

With a good wireless system studios can perform outdoor group trainings as well while following hygienic standards.

Keep up with this trend with the Justfit Freestyle EMS kit for wireless group training!

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