Choose your own style! 

We've been working hard this summer and finally we have the designs for the new Justfit suit. The prototypes are already being manufactured in our tailor shop. How do you like them? 


In addition to our previous technology suits, you can now choose from 4 brand new styles and the good news is that all 4 suits are compatible with our 4 Justfit concepts. Whether you have JustfitMe, Lite, Pro or Pro+, pick your own, unique style and express yourself with a suit that fits best to your character. 


Introducing Venom (green-black)

Feel it run through your neural pathways. You shiver for a moment, but then you embrace this unknown energy. Let it affect you and enjoy as it runs through your body. 


Those who wear Venom are resistant and adamant, fight for their goals and don't know fear. Role models who never go unnoticed.


Justfit Venom brings superpowers to your everyday life. Become your own hero.


Introducing Obsession (magenta-black)



Justfit Obsession is the persistent impulse that continually forces its way into your consciousness. It gives you strength, more than you could ever imagine. It pushes you towards your goals and does not let you quit until you reach them. Because you can!


Those who wear Obsession know no limits and are able to achieve any goal. That's why they are proud and admired. 

Let Justfit be your obsession.


Introducing Confidence (green-white)

Those who choose Justfit Confidence believe in themselves and in the world around them. Faith and trust are the most important values for them. They've been through a lot and know their own potential. They are self-conscious, determined to fight and always win.


Let confidence dominate your everyday life.



Introducing Passion (magenta-white)

What would life be like without passion? Those who wear Justfit Passion are spontaneous and intuitive - their magical radiation astonishes everyone they meet. 


If you choose Passion, you are courageous enough to give in to your feelings without compromise. You become powerful by setting your desires free.


Give in to the feeling, train and live with passion!