Comparative analysis: JustfitMe wet/dry vs Ace/Hero

Comparative analysis: JustfitMe wet/dry vs Ace/Hero

Do you ever wonder why brands continually innovate and introduce new products alongside their existing ones? It’s because these new offerings often come with distinctive features and upgrades, catering to diverse needs within their customer base. This principle holds true for JustfitMe products – JustfitMe Wet/Dry and the JustfitMe ACE and ACE HERO. Everyone has different needs and as an advocacy brand of fitness, Justfit continuously evolves to meet the varied preferences and fitness journeys of their users.

How Justfit EMS Technology Works

Justfit EMS technology operates by utilizing low-strength electrical impulses to directly stimulate deep muscles, engaging nearly 100% of the musculature. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive muscle engagement, leading to enhanced exercise efficiency, fat burning, improved blood supply, joint protection, and overall well-being.

JustfitMe Wet/Dry Kits

JustfitMe offers two primary products: wet and dry EMS kits. While both serve the same purpose, it’s important to note the distinction between them.

The JustfitMe DRY kit does not require wetting to stimulate electrodes, whereas the JustfitMe wet suit does. These kits redefine convenience, offering electrical muscle stimulator devices that can be utilized anywhere, and anytime. Designed for busy individuals, these kits allow for 20-minute sessions twice a week, providing results akin to hours spent in the gym.

In addition to their time-saving benefits, these kits feature 11 stimulation channels and 8 preset training modes, allowing users to tailor their workouts for body shaping, weight loss, or endurance enhancement.

What’s more, the inclusion of a cross-platform smartphone application and a free online basic EMS training course ensures ease of use and accessibility for all fitness levels.

The durable and washable training suit, equipped with internal cables for uninterrupted sessions, offers both comfort and functionality. With the added benefits of anti-cellulite effects and accelerated weight loss, these kits provide holistic fitness solutions.


Experience the future with Justfit EMS and elevate your workouts to new heights today. Contact us to get your started!

JustfitMe ACE/HERO EMS Toolkits

The JustfitMe ACE Personal EMS Toolkit and the JustfitMe ACE HERO Personal EMS Toolkit elevate the home fitness experience to new heights. These kits offer studio-like EMS experiences in the comfort of your own home. Featuring adjustable training suits, advanced control units, and versatile training modes, they cater to various fitness goals with unparalleled precision and effectiveness. 

However, the ACE HERO which is Justfit’s latest technology distinguishes itself from the ACE through the introduction of innovative PowerPulse technology, a feature absent in its predecessor, JustfitMe ACE.

This groundbreaking technology delivers precise impulses, heightening muscle activation during workouts and significantly enhancing the overall effectiveness of EMS training sessions. By providing targeted stimulation to muscles, PowerPulse elevates the intensity and efficiency of workouts, allowing users to achieve superior results and maximize their fitness potential.

Comparative Features of ACE HERO to ACE

  1. Advanced PowerPulse Technology: The ACE HERO introduces PowerPulse technology, delivering targeted impulses for optimized muscle activation.
  2. PowerHub Gen2 Control: The ACE HERO features an enhanced control unit with customizable settings and adaptive algorithms for personalized performance.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: The ACE HERO includes internal cables for uninterrupted sessions and a revamped design for enhanced comfort.
  4. Wet and Dry Electrodes: The ACE HERO offers both wet and dry electrode options, providing versatility for indoor and outdoor training environments.
  5. Durability: Built with high-quality materials, both the ACE and ACE HERO ensure longevity and resilience, suitable for intense usage.

By understanding the features and benefits of each JustfitMe product, individuals can make informed decisions to suit their fitness needs and preferences. Whether it’s the convenience of the Wet/Dry kits or the advanced features of the ACE/HERO toolkits, JustfitMe empowers users to embark on their fitness journeys with confidence and effectiveness. Experience the future of fitness with JustfitMe and elevate your workouts to new heights today. Contact us to get started and discover which JustfitMe product suits your fitness goals best!

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