How to keep your EMS business run smoothly after lockdown?

How to keep your EMS business run smoothly after lockdown?

In the spirit of minimizing disruption to your EMS business, you’ll want to put a plan in place to keep your business run smoothly after the lockdown has been lifted. Here are 3 tips from us.

1. Switch up your workouts

There are predictions saying that fitness will never be the same, people will prefer home training to going to classes. That’s true for EMS business as well. Therefore be prepared to major demand on home training.

This is also a perfect opportunity to dip your toes into video EMS workouts. That way, clients concerned with protecting themselves and their families don’t need to leave their homes to take part in your community and get their sweat on.

Becoming a point of sales of JustfitMe and offering EMS video home training will help you remain a successful market player and distinguishable from others.

2. Eliminate teamwork and props from your EMS studio

Avoid having clients in your studio use any props for workouts in the meantime, too.

You’ll also want to eliminate teamwork and partner-based workouts. For now, workouts that require physical contact or are partner-based (i.e., partner sit-ups, wheelbarrows, and even high-fives) should go on the back burner in favour of exercises that can be performed alone in your EMS studio.

3. Go outdoors

Launching outdoor EMS fitness classes can be a win-win situation — clients get to enjoy a change of scenery and a hit of Vitamin D, while you freshen up your studio or gym offerings and capture the cautious crowd that wouldn’t train within four walls.

Students and instructors alike enjoy ditching the treadmills, machines and dumbbells for fresh air and sunshine. And while not all group classes permit the ability to break a sweat in the great outdoors, the ones that do can use warmer temps and sunshine to their advantage.

Justfit Pirato for personal trainers is the perfect equipment to realize outdoor EMS training.

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