Launch of our EMS fitness webshop and affiliate program

Launch of our EMS fitness webshop and affiliate program

Hello Justfit family, as you may know, we have been working hard the last weeks to try to lend you a helping hand in these difficult times. Finally our new project has been launched, the EMS fitness webshop.

How can this webstore help you during the coronavirus crisis? I’m going to explain and I beg you to read it through carefully.

Earn money with the affiliate program of EMS Fitness Store!

Join the affiliate program and get a commission of 15% whenever you send a visitor to who thereafter purchases a product.

We’ve prepared different banners for you to display on your website. You will find them after registration in your account. The banners have a unique identification number that allows us to record a sale that originates from your website.

This automated system is completely transparent and keeps you and us up-to-date on how many visitors and shoppers you have brought to the webshop, and how much you can expect to earn in commission.

How to start?

After the registration you will see that each banner has got a unique code. Most banners link to the home page, however the ones that display the Champion Belt link to the Champion Belt product page.

All you need to do is to copy the code and paste it into your website or landing page. And that’s it, you’re ready with the technical issues. Easy, isn’t it?

How to get sales? 6 ultimate tips you can do for free

Without promoting your affiliate nobody will know about it and you will earn nothing, right? So please read about the 6 ultimate tips of effective and free affiliate promotion written by Klara, the Chief of Marketing at Justfit.

If you have any questions or ideas, please drop an email, we’ll try to help. Together we are stronger!

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