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Business benefits of the Justfit Pirato portable EMS kit

Business benefits of the Justfit Pirato portable EMS kit

Would you agree that prevention and wellness will overtake the health care market? If you do, we have a future-proof and flexible turnkey business opportunity that tackles the challenges of the 21st century. In our fast changing world you can be the one who can juggle with different flexible fitness service solutions and be always ahead of others to meet clients’ needs with the portable EMS kit.

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Justfit Pirato = flexibility in any case

Portable EMS training offers a smart solution to all fitness and wellness needs. This progressive way of exercise can get results in a matter of weeks. Not to mention the best part which is that an EMS training session only takes 20-30 minutes. Electro Muscle Stimulation training is a new way of workout without having to spend hours in the gym. It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles while you’re working out. Whether you are a personal trainer, physiotherapist, a beauty- or fitness studio owner, you will love our portable ems training device. It will be your ultimate multipurpose tool: get to know the Justfit Pirato, the only 2in1 portable EMS device in the market.

Take it anywhere with you

The Pirato is both a studio device and a portable EMS kit. You’ll practically get a mobile EMS studio that you can take with you anywhere. Enjoy the freedom to have your services in-house or outdoors!

On one hand, the equipment can be used as a portable EMS kit that PTs can take with them to the location of the training. No heavy stuff, the complete kit fits into the Justfit Sports Bag that is included in the package. The wireless EMS technology with wifi communication makes it possible for trainers to conduct the training with only a tablet in their hands while clients enjoy the freedom of movement only wireless EMS can provide.

“OK, it’s a portable EMS kit. But can I use it my studio as well?”

Yes, of course! The Pirato can function as classical wireless studio equipment with the stylish Justfit stand that our business clients love so much. Used in this way, the stand functions as an elegant, high-tech hotspot that enables communication of client and trainer devices.

This portable personal training EMS concept is characterized by extreme flexibility that guarantees you to be able to adapt to unexpected changes in regular lifestyle. Your clientele will be very much pleased! Not only by the personalized training but by getting amazing results anytime, anywhere in no time.

Return on Investment

Let’s take a look at the return on investment now. We conducted a survey in 2019 with the participation of 200 studios and personal trainers worldwide. According to it the average cost of a 45-minute personal training session is between 40-60 Euros. The number of possible training sessions with the Justfit Pirato is 150 per month. It means that within a 3-month period the initial investment of the Justfit product returns.



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