What makes an efficient EMS training?

What makes an efficient EMS training?

Does EMS training really work efficiently? Are there any key factors to make the most out of your workout practice or out of your EMS teaching method?  There are loads of questions regarding the efficacy of this certain type of exercise. We have already discovered the EMS training basics, now let’s find out the answers regarding efficiency!

Importance of effectiveness

The clients’ perspective is crucial since they have goals which they intend to achieve with the workout. 

As for trainers, it is an amazing feeling when one can help for a client to reach their goal, change their lifestyle or make them feel better about themselves. 

From business side it is genuinely simple, the more effective the studio is, the more clients will come and they will spread the word. Eventually making the business more profitable.

All of these can serve as the definition of importance regarding the efficient EMS training basic rules.

From business perspective

One should meet the clients in the first place, pay attention to their goals and measure everything that can be. For instance, taking photographs is a great way to follow the progress. It is fascinating to see the transformation regarding the bodies and concerning the mental states as well. 

Mental and physical training at the same time

The mental side of the training plays a big role during the whole EMS experience of the clients. The physical parts are as significant as the mental ones, this should be kept in mind and enhanced. It is a common mistake to forget about this.

How to overcome sedentary lifestyle with professional help?

Loads of clients have a sedentary lifestyle and everything can be new for them. These individuals are not working out and their daily routine lacks training. 

One can help them to overcome these aspects. In this case, Szymon recommends two sessions per week, since it has a bigger effectiveness in the long run. 

On the other hand, it should not be overdosed. Trainers also have to draw their attention to the fact that recovery is part of the process which contributes to the achievements.

Personal trainer working with EMS equipment

Useful tips for trainers in order to create a winning macro plan

The trainers have to plan the exercise beforehand and make them varied. Contracting and tensing the muscles, working with the impulses are the basics. The instructors should teach this aspect to the clients in the first place. It is crucial to remember to instruct these parts too.

After that, the tutors can add accessories or change the training plan or do other exercises. However, it is not recommended to do too much changes. It is not efficient to alter the movements all the time. 

The more trainings the tutor is doing, the easier the client will get on board. One should not practice all their exercises during the first period or reveal all their knowledge, due to the fact that in the long run, the client will not be able to learn new things from a certain point on and the trainer will not be able to make them stay in their studio. Remember, small steps and start with the basics!

Achieving that efficient EMS training

Precontraction is the main factor of the process since the muscles need to be tense. EMS is only a tool to help our nerves system, but it is not doing the work instead of us.

The basic training is four seconds of impulse, four seconds of break. The recommendation is to do it slowly and one should always pay attention to breathe properly. This can contribute to an efficient EMS training.

Applying intensity scale to enhance the efficient EMS training experience

The tense differs for everybody but it can be explained as a 1 to 10 scale and can be showcased to the clients as that. The first impulse is only for receiving information about the equipment and for starting the process properly. The intensity has to be increased and the clients have to be aware of the state that they are reaching to or currently at on. 

Behind the scenes training with EMS

One should always keep in mind that we are entirely different as individuals and one small leap can be a giant one for somebody else. 


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