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Unboxing JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace personal EMS kit

Unboxing JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace personal EMS kit

Have you been wondering how the JustfitMe  and JustfitMe Ace personal EMS kit arrive or look like? Don’t worry! Most people do and that’s why we have prepared a short unboxing video of the kit which showcases the product, the packaging and the elements precisely. Let’s unbox JustfitMe!

Watch the full video or read the abstract below!

Unboxing JustfitMe

The product arrives in an exclusive, asymetric package. The meticulous elaboration of details and the usage of astonishing shapes have become a characteristic of Justfit products.

“Will it fit me precisely?”

The unisex New Generation Hybrid EMS suit comes in different unisex styles. The one that I will introduce you to is the JustfitMe Confidence. The tight fit suit is like your second skin and enables complete freedom during the training. It’s elastic fabric makes sure that it remains in perfect harmony with your body throughout the training. You can find extra zippers as well, on both arms and thighs to be sure it’s a perfect fit for you.

If you gain muscles or lose weight…

The big sister of JustfitMe, the JustfitMe Ace Powerkit, comes with a special suit with adjustable size, therefore it fits users of different sizes. If you gain muscles or lose weight? No problem, the suit will fit your figure thanks to the side straps. The suit was originally designed for professional fitness studios and gyms where it’s exposed to extreme use. More than 7000 sold items have proved its durability and effectiveness.

Both the JustfitMe and the JustfitMe Ace Powerkit operate with the same EMS technology of 11 stimulus channels, in other words 11 pairs of electrodes, which enable you to train as much as 95% of your body simultaneously. Not bad, is it?

Elements of the package

Next to the suit you can find the control unit in the package, in other words the brain of the system. It is ultralight, handy and it is remarkable due to the typical design for Justfit. The brain connects to your training suit with a unique connector.

Moreover, under the control unit you will find a rack for the accessories: the sprayer and the charger.

Control it via applications!

Download the smartphone application from the App Store or Google Play! The app will be your personal pocket trainer you can take with you anywhere and do your EMS training anytime. From now on, there are no excuses for skipping a training session!

Last but not least you will receive a user manual with all the information about how to set up your system and start your training.

Does the package content varies based on colors?

The JustfitMe personal EMS kit is available in four unisex color and style which are the following: Confidence (which has been presented in the video above), Venom , Passion and Obsession. The JustfitMe Ace is available in one unisex style.

Furthermore, the unboxing JustfitMe video’s presentation is suitable not only for the Confidence color which is presented, but for all the aforementioned other products. The package contains the same exact elements in every case.

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