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Content of the mobile Justfit Pirato EMS package

Content of the mobile Justfit Pirato EMS package

Unboxing is a great way to get to know more about products and this time we would like to introduce to you the content of the mobile Justfit Pirato EMS package. Do not miss out the opportunity to see the elements and the suit itself as well as the accessories!

Let’s take a closer look at the content of the Pirato package by watching the video or reading the abstract below!

3 suits in the content of the mobile Justfit Pirato ems package!

It comes with 3 different-sized technology suits. The Click-on Professional Technology Suits has 11 pairs of electrodes out of which 8 pairs you will find inside the suit. Here we have two pairs of bands, the calf bands one of which are equipped with 1 magnetic connection each, while the arm bands have 2 magnetic studs each.

You will find the cables of the calf electrodes in a small pocket in the lower part of the suit. Just take them out, connect them with the calf band and the suit is ready to use.

“Do I receive underdresses within the package?”

Of course! The content of the Justfit Pirato package contains 12 underdresses in different sizes. We advise it to clients to wear them under the technology suit out of hygienic reasons. Moreover, they are made of special, durable, moisture absorbing fabric easy to maintain, tolerating everyday cleaning.

The purpose of the stylish stand is…

As you may know, the mobile Justfit Pirato comes with the stylish classical Justfit stand functioning as a tablet holder and charger. This stand is optional to use, which enables training sessions outside the fitness studio or even outdoors. Furthermore, the tablet holder comes in a separate box. Take it out, and slide it gently into its place. You can adjust the angle of the tablet holder to be in the right position for you and your customer as well.

Another essential aspect is that our clients love the feature that they can adjust the RGB LED row to match with the ambience of the studio.

Portability in one package!

The brain of the Justfit Pirato EMS system is the control unit. It is small, handy and lightweight, perfectly suiting the mobile trainer concept. The role of the brain is to create a network which enables the trainer to conduct training sessions anywhere they wish without any heavy equipment. Simply connect to the brain with the tablet software and your system is ready to use.

What else is the content of the mobile Justfit Pirato ems package?

Approximately 10-15 training sessions can be conducted with one charge. The accessories will help you in the daily maintenance of the device. We have a sprayer, a charger, a power cable and a cabling tool in the package. Everything you need to run your EMS sessions smoothly.

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