Wireless EMS devices vs wired ones – pros & cons (with video)

Wireless EMS devices vs wired ones – pros & cons (with video)

This is EMS Preacher and I would like to talk to you about the wireless and wired EMS devices. Which one do you fancy? Which one would you choose, if you were buying a device right now?

I have started my EMS journey with a wired EMS device, because in 2012 that was the only thing that you had on the market. That time you could choose from a wide range of cabled EMS devices. I remember, that I bought a Miha Bodytec device from Germany which was very good, with a lot of cables and buttons and a lot of screws to play around with the impulse. It was phenomenal! … Back in 2012.

The future: wireless EMS devices

But right now, we have the possibility to use wireless connection and I truly believe that that’s the solution and the future. Why is that? Well, it gives you freedom and it gives you freedom of movement and not only you, trainers, but also to all the people, who wear the EMS suit and train with us.

I remember, trying to be funny and was saying to my clients that we can do all kinds of exercises, except one: jumping rope. Now I don’t have to say it anymore, because we have the wireless EMS solution, and of course, jumping rope is not the only thing we can do now.

Watch the full video about wireless vs wired EMS devices or go on reading the abstract.

Benefits of the wireless connection

There are several benefits of going wireless:

Freedom of movement by Wi-fi or Bluetooth connection

First of all you can go places. You aren’t stuck in a studio and you don’t have to plug the device into the socket. You neither need to connect the trainee to the device with a cable, because now you can use Wi-fi or Bluetooth technology. So, there’s no need for cables anymore.

You can play around; you can take your mobile device anywhere. Most of the devices are very light, so you can pack it in your backpack and you can do the training in a fitness studio or you can go outside and train in the park with your clients. That is amazing!

EMS group training

You can do group training. Is it good to do that? Is it still a kind of personal training, is it still EMS training in the same shape and form as it started?

No, obviously not. It’s different, because you are able to perform group training sessions. You can connect to the device from 6 to even 20 people. In my opinion, 20 would be a little bit too much, but doing a group of 4 or 6 people is awesome. I did that, too.

Combine EMS training with other sports

You can also combine EMS training with different sports and different activities like running and jogging. You can even ride a bike. You can do way more than a normal stationary isometric EMS training. I truly believe that EMS is all about giving you new possibilities and new quality of training.

Lightweight, small and portable

A wireless EMS device doesn’t take much space, as it doesn’t need much space. The only things you do need – in my case – is the control unit, which is really small like an iPhone. And to control it, I have an iPad.
That’s it, this is all I need to bring to my clients. This is all I need to have to make money and make my clients happy. The control unit is the device, which the clients need to wear to feel the impulse. The iPad is what I need to train them. It’s so convenient.

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In spite of the benefits of wireless EMS training, lot of people still choose a wired device and I am very curious why… I know a lot of studios, have been opening a new one recently as EMS is definitely the business to be in right now. It’s going to involve and going to grow…

So, which one would you choose? Would it be wireless solution? Maybe not, and you go for wired solution. If it’s the case, please tell me as well, why. I really would like to know, what you think about the possibilities of EMS, and the way you can connect and use the devices.

I have a lot more for you guys, because I want to show you what EMS is, and what options you have on the market, so you can make smarter decisions. Keep in touch and stay tuned!

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