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20 minutes EMS = 1,5 hours at the gym – hype or reality?

20 minutes EMS = 1,5 hours at the gym – hype or reality?

You’ve surely come across the slogan of EMS studios claiming that a 20-minute EMS training equals 1,5 hours at the gym. Let’s dive deeper into this topic because I’d like you to understand the principles of EMS technology.

The EMS device is like a second brain, a second nervous system.  When we are doing exercises, our nervous system gives us impulses to move, it makes muscles twitch.

With an EMS device, we have a second brain that allows us to work even harder.  More muscle-fibers are activated, so not matter what we are doing, the training is going to be just better.

Justfit is an electrical muscle stimulation device that is suitable for

  • training,
  • therapeutic purposes,
  • body-shaping and
  • cosmetic treatments.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses electrical current to trigger muscle contraction. This contraction is different from traditional training, which is controlled by the central nervous system.

The stimulus evoked by the nervous system or the electrical impulse in the motor neuron (action potential) is the same. Therefore, the work of the muscle will be similar if we stimulate it at the same level.

The muscle can’t really tell if the stimulus was triggered by the nervous system or the electrical impulse. The nature and magnitude of the stimulus depend on the parameters you set on the device.

Simply put, the Justfit device can also do what the brain is incapable of.

As long as the brain is able to stimulate most of the muscle fibers, the device is close to 100%, so it can achieve greater synchronization between the fibers.

In summary, with proper stimulation with the Justfit device, the human body is not only able to. Furthermore, unlike the human brain, the EMS device processes the muscles with consistent and quality pulses without overloading the cardiovascular system or causing mental fatigue. This results in better and safer performance gains than doing a traditional workout alone.

  • increase and condition the muscles, but at the same time
  • regenerates,
  • renews and
  • initiates its self-healing processes.

Due to the effectivity of the EMS device we also advocate ⚠️limiting sessions to 20 minutes⚠️ and having a minimum resting period of two days between sessions so that it remains a safe and effective way to train or enhance any existing training program.


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