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Let’s go outdoors! Group training with Justfit Freestyle

Let’s go outdoors! Group training with Justfit Freestyle

Workout is fun especially when doing it together. This time the wonderful Militians Dance group had a group training with Justfit Freestyle and the outcome is just amazing.

What are the benefits of outdoor training in a group?

Professional or hobby sportsmen love to train together simply because they can achieve better results in general when they are training with each other. It’s fun and a bit of a not so serious competition. This time the wonderful Militians Dance Group has chosen to do on outdoor work out session with Justfit Freestyle and they just adored it. In general, they train together and this time EMS equipment spiced up the average bootcamp of theirs and the usual training method as well.

You should go for a group training with Justfit Freestyle!

Justfit Freestyle is just the perfect solution for bigger groups when it comes to simultaneous training. Since it is wireless and the smart suits are unbelievably light so they can be transported easily. Additionally, the software is well-equipped for bigger groups and the operation is smooth even when it comes to more people than one would expect.

Dancers, okay cool. What about other athletes?

We would suggest EMS training for every athlete as a complementary exercise form. It can be a wonderful supplement to the usual training method. When it comes to a long day or a busy week or even in a bootcamp there are busier days, with Justfit you can just hop in the smart suits and after 20 minutes you are done! There is no existing training method which would be quicker or more effective in this time frame we reckon.

For dancers it is especially important to have a good physique and stamina. As for other sportsmen, it is crucial too. Other muscle parts might be more important then general stamina but it’ s no problem with Justfit. You can train your different muscle sections with different impulse strength.

Spice it up!

If you are a trainer or an athlete, we suggest you to think about even just trying out a group training with Justfit Freestyle. Have a different training experience than usual! Spice things up a bit and try out something new!

If you have any questions regarding group training or Justfit Freestyle or in general anything, feel free to contact us anytime! You can easily do that at the “Contact” section.


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