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Benefits of the JustfitMe EMS Kit

Benefits of the JustfitMe EMS Kit

What are the actual benefits of the  JustfitMe EMS Kit compared to other training methods? It is a common question among fitness enthusiasts who are just getting to know the EMS technology. We will acquaint you with the Justfit whole body electrical muscle stimulator for home training.

Watch the video in order to gain more information about the portable JustfitMe personal EMS Kit or read the abstract below!

Visible results within 4 weeks? Whaat..?

Justfit EMS suits are muscle stimulator devices you can take with you anywhere and use for 20 minutes twice a week instead of losing hours at the gym. Use them for body shaping, losing weight or increasing endurance, this time saving method of exercise offers visible results within 4 weeks.

It is a real alternative of working out for busy people, but you can also integrate EMS training into your personal fitness routine to enhance the effectiveness of your training.

Another wonder gadget?

“Oh no, is it some kind of wonder gadget again?” you may ask. Not at all! Let me explain how EMS technology works.

During traditional strength training, the brain sends bioelectrical impulses which cause certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain, and these muscles are not as easily activated, therefore they will not develop so well. This way we can never train with full force, even if we want to.

Electrical muscle stimulation however, with low-strength electrical impulses, directly stimulates our deep muscles, thus deceiving our body’s natural reactions and training almost 100% of our musculature. It is no miracle, it is science.

The biggest benefits of the JustfitMe EMS Kit

This makes whole body EMS training an extraordinarily effective way of working out. To name but a few of the benefits:

Efficient fat burning
Muscle building
Anti-cellulite effect
Helps losing weight
Can help fighting back pain
Improves blood supply
Its efficiency against urinary incontinence has been proved as well.

EMS training has been used for medical and rehabilitation purposes for a long time. It is part of the training program of several world-class elite athletes.

Originally designed for professional use

Our flagship product is the JustfitMe Ace Powerkit that brings complete EMS studio experience into your living room. The suit was originally designed for professional fitness studios and gyms where it’s exposed to extreme use. More than 7000 sold items have proved its durability and effectiveness. However some of our clients prefer the JustfitMe kits with the stylish, lightweight and tight-fitting New Generation suits.

Helping hand along the way

Justfit home training devices are easy to use for anybody. They come with an online tutorial to help you with the installation process and teach you the basics of EMS training. The downloadable smartphone application with preset exercises and training programs or even a videotrainer will function as your own personal trainer that fits into your pocket. If you want to speak with an expert, our support team is happy to help you.

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