Combining EMS exercises with conventional training

Combining EMS exercises with conventional training

It is a popular question among fitness enthusiasts: How can I integrate EMS into my conventional workout routine? There are loads of ways to do that and we would like to show the process of combining EMS exercises with conventional training. The EMS Preacher, Szymon Bartoszek is proving that combining simple EMS exercises with conventional trainings is feasible and effective. Let’s jump in!

Watch the video to get to know more about this combination or read the abstract below!

What? Is there a bet?

EMS Preacher is back after a little while and in this video he is doing even more exercises than the usual. He will train according to the conventional way and also integrate EMS into his workout since he has made a bet with his friend. The deal is basically about who can lose the most weight until the end of April. What do you think who will win? He or his friend?

Can EMS and a stationary bike be combined?

Of course, it can be! Szymon is combining exercises with a stationary bicycle. This combination is genuinly hard and challenging. Hopefully, he will train hard and will lose a lot of weight and calories while also winning the battle. He is preparing a time lapse video about the EMS training part in order to showcase the movements in an efficient and quick way.

“How effective is it to combine EMS exercises with conventional trainings?”

If you ask him about the effectiveness he will surely tell the truth. As soon as he has finished his workout he felt exhausted. As he described it “it had been super hardcore”. He had started with a strengthening training then used 55 Hertz to build up his chest, arms, shoulders and back. He needs some articulating at those parts that is why he has chosen that frequency.

He has finished the EMS training with 25 Hertz just to do some exercises with his biceps as well. Then cardio and EMS had been combined. With Airbike, he has only finished half of the distance because the training had been so intense. It is essential though not to overtrain yourselves!

How do you do it?

Now that Szymon has proved that combining EMS exercises with conventional training is challenging but amazingly efficient, he is curious about your workout routine and tips! How do you combine EMS into your conventional training? Do you run or do you bike? Let him know in the comment section!

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