The confession of a personal trainer

The confession of a personal trainer

by EMS Preacher

What’s going on?

This is a question that I’ve been asking myself for the last couple of weeks. I have got to admit that writing this article is not as easy as I wanted it to be. Probably because it’s about my REAL struggle with getting back in shape.

“Am I a good example for my clients?”

Since couple of months I have been telling you guys how to train, how to properly use EMS in your trainings EMS in your trainings, how to maintain a good physique and how to achieve your fitness goals. Not so long ago I had to ask myself how good my shape is and if I am a proper example for my clients as a personal trainer.

Well…The honest answer is no…

Even though, I have been active all my life (playing basketball, snowboarding, riding a bike, swimming, running, being a personal trainer etc.) I have to admit that the last two years of lock down had a major influence on my health and physique. 

training with a personal trainer

The pandemic has really changed me…

It all started slowly. At first I stopped doing EMS. Fitness studios in Poland were closed and although I had a home edition of an ems suit I had no motivation to train. 

What is more, I figured out that a little break from EMS (I have been training over the last 9 years) could be beneficial.

The second step was changing my diet. Very slowly I started to eat more. I was experimenting in the kitchen by testing new recipes for pizzas and pastas. Even though, a glass of wine from time to time is considered to be healthy, the amount of alcohol consumed was increasing pretty drastically. It started as a fun cooking theme and became almost a drinking habit that helped to lose the tension and stress caused by the economical insecurity. 

With time I stopped cooking and preparing my own meals. I was ordering food from restaurants more often and although it started with good Oriental food, I quickly noticed that most of the meals that I eat are low quality fast food. 

It’s easy peasy lemon squeeze if you are a personal trainer, isn’t it?

Since I’m a personal trainer and I don’t do too much shopping and most of my clothes are very sporty and comfortable, I didn’t notice any wardrobe size changes. Last year I started to weigh myself every three weeks. I started at around 93 kg. Slowly I started to gain weight. Sometimes I was 96 other times 94. 

I wasn’t concerned. I knew from previous years that losing 8 kg is nothing for me. I know how to train, I know how to eat properly, I have EMS and finally I know my own body. Losing weight is not a problem, at least it never has been. 

Till now… 

From 93 kg to 106 kg

Right now, I weigh 106 kg and this is by far the biggest number I have seen on the scale. To be honest, I wasn’t scared till the end of April. Maybe some of you remember I had a little bet with my friend. The goal was to lose as much weight as possible till the end of April (3 weeks). I was pretty sure I would win this bet easily. 

I planned to lose around 8kg to 10 kg. (That’s not something that I would recommend to everyone but knowing my body I was more than sure that this is possible).

I started training. I implemented EMS into my workouts, I got rid of sugar from my diet. I was on the right track. After a couple of days, I went down to 103 kg. I felt secured because I knew I was on the good way to win. Easy win you might think.

Well guess what happened.

Losing weight, it’s not an easy job even for a personal trainer

I didn’t win. (Well actually there was no winner because we both lost around 2 kg but that’s not the case). For me I lost the bet because I didn’t do as good as I planned.

For the first time in my life I couldn’t reach the goal I have set for myself. It made me feel disappointed and made me think of the reasons why I have failed. 

Do not fall for the same mistakes as I have!

First of all, I have not changed my workout routine as much as I should have. I  was doing heavy training with free weights. I got to say it was very beneficial for my muscles but it has increased my weight. Another thing that I did not control was food. I kept eating junk food thinking that I could out-train my bad eating habits. Last thing was the lack of vitamins and minerals in my diet. With not enough vitamin D and lack of sun I couldn’t force myself to train and to increase my energy levels.

After I realised I have some problems losing weight, I decided to run a blood test to check my testosterone and cholesterol levels. Sadly and surprisingly, for me both of the numbers turned out to be pretty low for someone who is active. 

All that made me realise that 37 is not 20 and I’m not that young anymore. My lifestyle has changed, my metabolism has slowed down a bit and goals that were realistic a couple years ago, now might be hard to reach.

We are all people at the end of the day

Why am I telling you all this? Well, the last couple of weeks made me realise that even trainers might get used to an unhealthy lifestyle and might get trapped in an unrealistic vision of themselves.

If this can happen to us trainers imagine how big of a problem it must be for our trainees and clients. The struggle that they have with losing weight, changing eating habits or becoming more active is huge.

Right now, I feel more than ever that being active is NOT about looking good but it’s about staying HEALTHY. 

I know that “you know” all that but please ask yourself these questions: 

Am I healthy? Do I remember about my well-being? Does my lifestyle harm my body?
Answer truthfully and if you’re not happy with the answer make some changes in your life.

I have a new bet against myself and my mantra is: Work fckn’ harder!

Working out as a personal trainer

After all that was said, I decided to make a bet but this time with myself.

May will be the month that I start taking care of myself again. I will eat better. I will drink more water. I will drink less alcohol. My training will be based on EMS and cardio. I hope that sharing this with you guys, will help me reach the goal and go below 100 kg with my weight by the end of the month.

I will try to track my changes, record training sessions and share them with you guys in form of short Instagram movies. I hope that this text (rather private) will find some understanding and some of you might rely to this. If anyone wants to join in and challenge themselves you’re more than welcome.

Stay healthy guys. Kind regards.


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