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Business benefits of JustfitPro

Business benefits of JustfitPro

What are the business benefits of JustfitPro? It is a common question among entrepreneurs who are just getting to know the EMS technology or among experts who are comparing the different brands. We will explain it in detail why the JustfitPro can provide you astonishing benefits!

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Now is the best time!

Whether you aim at starting your own business or wish to redesign your current business and bring something innovative in, there is no better time than now to start promoting a healthy lifestyle. By joining the futuristic and yet exciting business movement, EMS fitness, you will not only promote health and fitness but become an influencer of your community.

“What is EMS Fitness?” you may ask

Training with electrical muscle stimulation is a whole-body workout. The electrical impulses are transmitted to the body through electrodes on the EMS training suit and cause muscle contractions. So all groups of muscles are stimulated – including the underlying ones that are ignored by conventional training methods. Each group of muscles can also be stimulated individually through the EMS device. That means that EMS fitness is a perfect addition to other types of sports as well as a great chance to build muscles or to specifically do abdominal training.

The EMS fitness approach is becoming more and more popular among visionary entrepreneurs. Thanks to its state of art solution in the health and wellness industry, it earned well-deserved respect.

Are you happen to be a professional PT or a wellness center-, gym owner?

If you are a wellness center-, spa- or gym-owner, should you be a professional personal trainer, the perfect companion along your business journey will be the JustfitPro EMS kit. More than 500 Justfit studios in 35 different countries have been running their EMS business based on JustfitPro for many years. The main advantage of this smart device is that it can grow into a multi-user Freestyle device as your business grows. Freestyle means that you can train up to 30 people simultaneously. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Okay-okay, but what are the actual business benefits of JustfitPro?

No less important an approach is that people looking for quick and tangible results with different purposes love the fast and effective EMS training. Since the benefits cover a broad spectrum, how to grow your clientele is obvious:

1. Think of medical aesthetics such as body contouring, cellulite treatment or treatment after plastic surgery.
2. Active gym goers motivated to keep fit are constantly looking for new trends and are open to new concepts
3. Special condition and leisure: EMS technology is helpful for people with a sedentary lifestyle as it helps fight back pain, or new moms getting back in shape.
4. EMS training has been discovered by top athletes and coaches as part of post surgical rehabilitation, performance enhancement or sport-specific improvement.

What are the financial benefits of JustfitPro? – “Show me the ROI!”

Now let’s take a look at the return on investment:
EMS training is unique in the way that a training session takes no more than 20-30 minutes. This means that trainers theoratically can conduct twice as many sessions within the same time. Besides, the fact that JustfitPro+ makes it possible to have group sessions significantly increases your revenue again.

In Q3 2019 we conducted a survey to gain feedback about the actual performance of 220 Justfit EMS studios worldwide.
The cost of a 20-30 minute Justfit training session is between 20-40 Euros on average.
The number of possible training sessions conducted with a Pro+ device is 450 sessions/month.
It means that within a 3 month period the initial investment of the Justfit product returns. In other words: after the 3rd month your business will produce profit. This is undeniably one of the main business benefits of JustfitPro.

Flexible paying method which is a helping hand

One more thing: to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing business needs we introduced Justfit Flexipay, a progressive and future-proof payment system that enables our partners to start small, yet aim big. The flexible payment options fit the needs of various business approaches independently from the size of the business.

Take a lead now and be innovative!

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