It’s difficult to lose weight, the struggle is real!

It’s difficult to lose weight, the struggle is real!

by EMS Preacher

So it turns out that getting back in shape is more difficult than it used to be. I have written a confession about my struggle couple of weeks ago and I would like to update you guys on it. I don’t know if this is age, slower metabolism or just lack of commitment to my training. Unfortunately, I have discovered on myself that gaining weight can be done pretty easily and all the methods that used to work for losing weight they don’t work anymore. It seem to be more difficult to lose weight than I had thought before.

You can watch EMS Preacher’s thoughts and ideas on the topic or read the blogpost summarizing it.

Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our lives, it has changed the way we work, it has changed the way we spend our free time and it has had a big influence on how much we socialise with other people.

In my case these long Covid months helped me to discover my love for fast Food and pushed my laziness to a whole new level.

Is it really that difficult to lose weight?

During the last two years I have gained over 20 kg and I ask myself how the hell did it happen?! The answer to this question is pretty obvious, well I didn’t work out as much as I used to and I started to eat more than I used to… I have been checking my weight every couple of weeks and I have noticed that I’m gaining just a little bit of weight so very slowly I went up from 88 kg to 92/ 93 kg then I had 96 kg then I came back to 94 kg.

Seeing these numbers I thought to myself that I have everything under control… I thought that till the day I saw 106 kg on the scale…and… I got my blood test results back. It turned out I’m not only fed I also have skyrocketing levels of cholesterol. 

OK it’s time to get back in shape I thought to myself. But to be honest with you guys I still weigh the same and the answer is yes. It’s really that difficult to lose weight sometimes. I don’t train as hard as I used to train and I still eat crappy food so in this sense it’s obvious that I can’t expect other results. But this is not the problem. I think the problem is that I don’t have the need to train.

Weighing 110 kg right now is kind of crazy. Even though my normal weight was 88 kg I don’t feel fat, heavy or overweight. My clients tell me I look good with this weight. (Luckily not all of the weight went to my waist).


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“The temptation of restaurants is real!”

Sadly, I also enjoy my bad eating habits. Having a pizza with some cold Coke or eating pasta and drinking wine, how can you not enjoy it? Especially now when the lockdown is over, restaurants are finally open and you can enjoy the company of your friends sitting on the patio sipping some Aperol… I never doubt it’s gonna be sooo hard for me to come back to my training routine. I saw my clients and friends struggling with this problem but I was pretty sure it would never be me. Well I was wrong…

As some of you might remember, last month I had a bet with my friend that the mission was to lose as much weight as possible in about three weeks. There was no wind in this contest but it helped me to realise that I need to take my health and shape more seriously than before and sadly it will take much more effort than it used to.

Since I know what to do to lose weight, how to train and what to eat (and I’m still not doing this) the biggest struggle for me will be my mentality. Like many of you I have the tendency to go to extremes. Instead of eating healthy I fast. Instead of training systematically I try to make a weekly training plan in one day.

How will I overcome this? Fighting the difficulty of losing weight

Last couple of months I’ve been doing mostly weight training. So my training consisted mostly of good old squats, deadlifts, jerks and rowing. Another sad fact is that I completely stopped doing EMS for about a year. Yes, I know it might seem weird but after eight years of training with EMS my body and my brain needed a little break. A break from the impulse that we all know and love. 

Since the goal is to lose weight I need to make some changes in my plan. That’s why I have decided to come back to EMS and implement it in my training. I will do EMS twice a week doing some of the work out with frequency of 85 Hz and some with frequency of around 30 Hz. This type of training should be a good reminder for my body and my muscles what EMS is and should help me to burn a lot of calories during the training sessions. Since I don’t want to resign from lifting weights I decided to train with light free weights as well every second day and every other day I will do some cardio training (running, skipping rope, riding bike) with my Justfit EMS belt.


When it comes to food instead of going on a starvation diet which I normally did sometimes. I will try to get rid of sugar from my diet, eat more vegetables and drink more water. Additionally, I plan to socialize and I will make some changes after a couple of weeks. (Let’s see if I can out train my bad eating habits).

I know that the struggle is real. Dealing with the extra weight has made me realize how depressing and frustrating getting into shape might be. I try to commit everything to show that it might be difficult to lose weight but it’s not impossible.

If we wanna reach our goals and change the numbers on the scale we need to be focused and consistent. Good luck to all of you or should I say all of us. See you soon on Instagram celebrating the sure success.


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