Training during summer?! Yes, please!

Training during summer?! Yes, please!

Who the hell wants to train when its boiling hot, right? Training during summer sounds pretty bad, huh? Well, Szymon has the perfect solution for the hot days.

In order to get to know the solution, watch the video or read the abstract bellow!

I hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time! I know summer is amazing time to party and not all of us trains at this time period. It is understandable since we cannot even do our chores without sweating. Who the hell wants to go the gym then?! Summer time is pretty hard on us when it comes training during summer.

Did you get your beach body before summer?

You either prepare your body in advance and get that summer body like most of our clients. That way you can drink and party during summer and actually get fat.. Even I noticed that I stopped doing heavy training and I try to change my routine so I don’t have to sweat in the gym for hours. The training was too long even though I tried to do it quickly and effectively. It was still one hour of weight lifting. Winter is so much better for that. Right now, I just want to be done with it which is funny since I am the EMS trainer and I do exercises with my clients everyday.

Getting back in shape after a year ? Yeah, why not?

As I already confessed in my previous video, I have skipped EMS training more or less for a year. However, I am back now and doing it almost three times a week and I honestly just love it. Now I remember why I fell in love with it in the first place. It is so quick and effective, I can actually train my whole body with the easiest movements and I am not getting bored with it. I am finished in 20 minutes and that’s all, the perfect solution.

“Training during summer without sweating for an hour”

I can use my cellphone or iPad to do the training, it makes even easier. The technology which we have is unbelievable, it is getting cheaper and almost anybody can get a smart suit like mine. JustfitMe smart suits make our lives so much easier.

I will introduce you the main steps of my workout routine quickly with my JustfitMe. I usually work out in my studio where you can find an air bike which is a tough machine as you all know it.  The next thing is the rope which I recently bought. 10 minutes of strength impulse with these equipments then I will go to the mid-section with 45-55 hertz and at the end I will finish with 15-25 hertz.

If you still hesitate regarding the smart suit, you can be sure that it is useful! It will make your training better, no matter if you are running, biking, use it, try it! You will be surely happy with the results.

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