-34 kg and -162,5 cm in 4 weeks – Impact Study of the Justfit Lifestyle Program

-34 kg and -162,5 cm in 4 weeks – Impact Study of the Justfit Lifestyle Program

At the Justfit headquarters we decided to regularly announce a 4-week lifestyle program to examine what changes can be achieved over a 4-week period with proper diet and EMS training.

We have a professional partner in the Lifestyle Program, Virág Kiss, who is an IFBB World Champion and multiple Arnold Classic winner. Virág prepared a personalized diet plan to all 12 participants. Also, we chose certified trainers to be our team leaders through the program and they got qualified in the EMS technology by Daniel Temesi, International EMS Master Trainer.

The start and setting goals

We chose our 12 participants from hundreds of applications and we paid attention to age, gender and lifestyle group variety. On our opening event we recorded the body composition parameters and the circumferences of the participants. These parameters were measured every week by our trainers. The competitors had very diverse individual goals, like achieving the ultimate bikini body, getting back in shape after giving birth, or preparing for a Spartan Race Competition.

4 weeks, 8 to 12 EMS trainings, proper diet

The focus of the impact study was the EMS – electrical muscle stimulation – training. The participants wore a special electrode dress during their 20-30 minutes long trainings. The electrodes directly stimulate the deep muscles thus deceiving our body’s natural reactions and training almost 100% of our musculature. This how the EMS technology – which is a completely safe form of working out and has been used for medical and rehabilitation purposes for a long time -, makes the training incredibly efficient. With a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 EMS workout sessions per week and keeping a balanced diet our first 12 participants achieved amazing results!

We set up cameras in the studio to record every training session, so you can also take a look…

Let’s see the results!

After 4 weeks of training and eating healthy the total results of our 12 participants were the following:

Chest: -41,5 cm (-16,4 in)

Hips: -48,5 cm (-19,1 in)

Waist: -78 cm (-30,7 in)

Upper arm right: – 8,5 cm (-3,35 in)

Upper arm left: -4 cm (-1,57 in)

Thigh right: 14 cm (-5,51 in)

Thigh left: 7,5 cm (-2,95 in)

Calf right: -2,5 cm (-0,98 in)

Calf left: – 1 cm (0,39 in)

Bodyweight: -34 kg (74,96 lb)

Body fat percentage: -49,8 %

Muscle mass percentage: +23,3 %

What do these numbers mean exactly?

As you can see, the participants achieved significant results regarding critical body parameters thanks to the personalized diet and workout plan which we provided for every individual.

Bodyweight results changed from -0,7 to -7,4 kilograms, the average was -3,1 kg.

Muscle mass percentage from 0,6 to 7,5 %, average: 2,1%

Body fat percentage from -1,2 to -11,4 %, average: -4,5%

The biggest change was measured on the waist: between 0 and -12 centimeters.

Our individual winner lost 7,4 kilograms, 7 cm from his chest, 6 cm from the hips, 11,5 cm from the waist, and his body fat percentage decreased by 11,4%!

We closed the first Justfit Lifestyle Program with an award ceremony, where Virág and the Justfit Team gave special rewards to the winners for their amazing achievements.

Justfit Lifestyle Program – To Be Continued…

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