Privacy Policy

Privacy statement


In force from 15.02.2020

1. Present general terms and conditions (hereinafter: T&C) includes the conditions in which Justfit technology Limited. (herenafter: Provider) gives access to the products and services available on the website to the User.

Contact information of the Provider is the following:

Name: Justfit Technology Limited Coorporation

Headquarters: 14/A Levente st. Csomád, 2161

Email address:

Telephone: +36 70 666 9988

Company registration number: 13-09-196285

Registry court: Registry Court of Budapest Environs Regional Court

Tax number: 23271676-2-13

Public Tax ID number: HU23271676

Account holding financial institution: Raiffeisen Bank Rt.

Bank Account number:


EUR: 12010453-01568992-00200002

Provider ensures the following services to User on the websites:

Registration on the website

Signing up for promotion newsletters

Regulation: 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government regulation on detailed rules between Consumer and Enterprise.

Intermediary Service Provider: Provider of one, or more of the following electronic commerce services, and Provider of information society services defined in the law on information society services (2001. (Ektv.) 2. § l) :

  • Simple data input and giving access to data
  • Caching
  • Hosting Service
  • Search Service
  • Application service

2. Data management, Data protection

Provider shall inform User of the followings:

Regarding the User’s personal data stored in user database Justfit Technology Limited (14/A Levente st. Csomád, 2161) is considered data manager.

Provider treats the data given upon registration, signing up for promotional newsletter, and uploaded, saved or generated after the registration confidentially, ensures their safety. Provider forwards personal data to third party only under the conditions set in Provider’s data protection statement. Provider shall acts with utmost care when restoring and managing data. For this Provider uses hardware and software technologies with high operational and data security, checks their regarding features frequently and updates or replaces them if necessary.

Provider shall not take liability for damages, or missed profit caused by unforeseen partial or complete loss of data, providing it happened due to unpredictable, event, which is beyond the control of Provider. (Vis maior)

Provider shall restore the personal data given by User (data-sheet, questionnaire, database, settings until the termination of contract, or delete initiated by User, except when the regulations oblige Provider to restore personal data, in which case Provider shall restore data during the time period set by the regulations.

Provider’s employees, subcontractors and agents are obliged to act in accordance with the same data protection and obligation of confidentiality as the Provider.

To ensure data protection the computer systems handling personal data can only be operated by persons with appropriate access permissions. Appropriate access permission means that the access each person gets is limited to the extent that is indispensable for their work. Besides only employees who manage or process data can get access. Provider shall review access permissions and their use frequently.

The privacy policy clearly describes the way your application accesses, uses, stores, or shares Google user data.
Information collected from iOS HealthKit, iOS Health app, Google Fit. We may collect information when you share your iOS Health app data or Google Fit with our services. We handle all iOS Health app and HealthKit information in accordance with Apple’s development guidelines and we handle Google Fit information in accordance with Google Fit Terms of Service . HealthKit, Health app, iPhone, and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. To view Apple’s HealthKit developer guidelines, go to Google Fit and Google are registered trademarks of Google Inc. To view Google Fit Terms of Service go to

By accepting present T&C User contributes that Provider shall deal with their personal data in accordance with the terms set in the Data Protection statement.