Terms of service

Terms and conditions


Agreement is in force: from 15.02.2020

1. Scope of Agreement

    1. Present general terms and conditions (hereinafter: T&C) includes the conditions in which Justfit technology Limited. (herenafter: Provider) gives access to the products and services available on the website www.justfitart.com to the User.
    1. Contact information of the Provider is the following:

Name: Justfit Technology Limited Coorporation

Headquarters: 14/A Levente st. Csomád, 2161

Email address: info@justfitart.com

Telephone: +36 70 666 9988

Company registration number: 13-09-196285

Registry court: Registry Court of Budapest Environs Regional Court

Tax number: 23271676-2-13

Public Tax ID number: HU23271676

Account holding financial institution: Raiffeisen Bank Rt.

Bank Account number:


EUR: 12010453-01568992-00200002

1.3. Provider ensures the following services to User on the websites:

Registration on the website

Signing up for promotion newsletters

Regulation: 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government regulation on detailed rules between Consumer and Enterprise.

Intermediary Service Provider: Provider of one, or more of the following electronic commerce services, and Provider of information society services defined in the law on information society services (2001. (Ektv.) 2. § l) :

  • Simple data input and giving access to data
  • Caching
  • Hosting Service
  • Search Service
  • Application service

2. Rights and obligations of contracting parties

2.1. Provider shall ensure an interface protected by login name and password, which guarantees that the User’s data can only be accessed with the login name chosen by the User and a password which can be changed at any times.

2.2. The person using login name and password jointly shall be considered authorized to make statements.

2.3. User is obliged to inform the Provider of any changes made in the personal data given upon registration and entering the contract within 5 days. Provider is not responsible for any damage caused by content inaccuracy, or failing to notify Provider of data changes.

2.4. Provider shall not oblige User to pay Deposit, or any other financial assurance.

2.5. Provider shall inform User that the behaviour codex in accordance with the law on prohibition of unfair trading against consumers is not available.

2.6. Provider has taken the necessary protecting measures to protect the data stored on the servers operated by Provider. Provider shall apply relevant encryption methods in order to protect personal data of the User. User’s personal data shall be transferred through secured channel between Provider and Provider’s Subcontractor for data processing.

2.7 The software serving the website is compatible with all standard browsers.

2.8. In order to make a complaint User can contact Provider via email using the following email address: support@justfitart.com

The complaint shall contain the following information:

  • Name, Address, and email address of User
  • Exact name of the product concerned
  • Date and time of registration
  • Time of fault reporting
  • Description of fault
  • The customer’s claim to be enforced

2.9. Provider shall reply to the complaint in written form within 30 days after receiving it. Providing the complaint is not considered legitimate, Provider shall justify their position.

2.10. In case of a complaint User can turn to Conciliation Body. The competent Conciliation Body according to Provider’s headquarters is:

Budapesti Békéltető Testület (Budapest Conciliation Body)

Address: 99 Krisztina krt. Budapest 1016

Mailing address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.

Email address: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu

Fax: +36 1 488 2186

Telephone: +36 1 488 2131

3. Limitation of liability

3.1. User needs appropriate internet connection to use the website.

3.2. User is responsible for treating their login name and password confidentially. Furthermore User is responsible for any activities that happened using their login name and password, or other user access given by User. User shall inform Provider immediately of any illegal usage of their account, or other security breach.

3.3. User shall set a password of adecquate strength and modify it at appropriate intervals.

3.4. User shall take care of operating their own equipment free from viruses and other malicious softwares, and protecting it from unauthorized intruders (eg.: Firewall) Provider takes no liability for any damage occurring due to malicious programs on the client-side equipment.

3.5. Provider shall take no liability out of their scope, or damages caused by errors limitating usage of the Software.

Scope of Provider:

  • Central system of website
  • Online interface provided for the User

Especially out of Provider’s scope:

  • Degradation or errors caused by quality of internet and Local network, bandwidth, overload caused by other systems (eg. Network, software)
  • Power supply
  • Hardwer misfunction
  • Client side workstation, local network
  • Improper use
  • Misfunction of operating systems and other system softwares (eg.: Database)

These scopes define the delimination points for contractual performance between parties, or establishing liability for breach of contract

4. Error reporting, Helpdesk service

4.1. User can report errors regarding the operation of service via email, or other electronic error reporting surface provided in Hungarian language (customer service email address: support@justfit.com )

  • The error report must contain the following information:
  • Name of affected user
  • Time of detecting the error
  • Login name
  • Detailed description of the error

Provider performs troubleshooting on weekdays between 8:30AM-5:00PM. In case of an error report during working hours, Provider shall reply to the error report within 24 hours.

If the error report happens out of working hours, the deadline for reaction is 24 hours from 8:30 on the next working day. Provider shall give information on possible reasons of the error, and the expected time of starting and completing troubleshooting, or asks for further details in order to identify, reproduce and fix the error.

For safety and data protection reasons only clearly identified person can give information or accept error reporting.

4.2. User shall investigate in case of any problems occurring regarding the service whether the error is in the scope of the User, or the third party required for using the service. User shall only report an error after they get assurance that the error happened in the scope of the Provider.

4.3. Provider shall only accept liability for malfunctioning if User informs Provider of the error via email (using the email address indicated in point 7.3) or using the error reporting surface provided in details so that Provider can define the error clearly.

User shall acknowledge that for quality assurance reasons electronic error reporting and the emails sent regarding the error may be restored until the claim expires. The time of error reporting is when user reports the error in a clear and definable way.

4.4. It is not considered a delay, if Provider is not able to keep the deadline for reasons beyond their scope.

4.5. Provider continuously develops services of the website and commissions it in the time marked electronically. In case of an acute error, Provider can modify the system without prior notice and release an update.

5. Right of use

5.1. User acknowledges the fact that Provider enjoys complete copyright protection regarding the software of the webste.

5.2. Trademarks, logos, graphics, photos, animations, videos and texts under copyright or industrial property constitute Provider’s intellectual property, Provider is entitled to use and permit each usage. User is entitled to share contents including these artworks, but is not allowed to use them in any other forms.

6. Data management, Data protection

6.1. Provider shall inform User of the followings:

Regarding the User’s personal data stored in justfitart.com user database Justfit Technology Limited (14/A Levente st. Csomád, 2161) is considered data manager.

6.2. Provider treats the data given upon registration, signing up for promotional newsletter, and uploaded, saved or generated after the registration confidentially, ensures their safety. Provider forwards personal data to third party only under the conditions set in Provider’s data protection statement. Provider shall acts with utmost care when restoring and managing data. For this Provider uses hardware and software technologies with high operational and data security, checks their regarding features frequently and updates or replaces them if necessary.

6.3. Provider shall not take liability for damages, or missed profit caused by unforeseen partial or complete loss of data, providing it happened due to unpredictable, event, which is beyond the control of Provider. (Vis maior)

6.4. Provider shall restore the personal data given by User (data-sheet, questionnaire, database, settings until the termination of contract, or delete initiated by User, except when the regulations oblige Provider to restore personal data, in which case Provider shall restore data during the time period set by the regulations.

6.5. Provider’s employees, subcontractors and agents are obliged to act in accordance with the same data protection and obligation of confidentiality as the Provider.

6.6. To ensure data protection the computer systems handling personal data can only be operated by persons with appropriate access permissions. Appropriate access permission means that the access each person gets is limited to the extent that is indispensable for their work. Besides only employees who manage or process data can get access. Provider shall review access permissions and their use frequently.

6.7. By accepting present T&C User contributes that Provider shall deal with their personal data in accordance with the terms set in the Data Protection statement.

7. Final provisions

7.1. The working days mentioned in the contract mean official workdays published by the Hungarian Republic according to Central European Time (CET)

7.2 Each dispute arising from this contract, executing it, breaching it, terminating it, or regarding its validity or interpretation shall be settled in a peaceful way. Parties may only turn to court if they failed to settle the dispute in a peaceful manner. Hungarian courts are authorized to act in case of disputes arising from present contract.

7.3. Regarding questions not regulated by present T&C shall be decided by the provisions of statue no. V. 2013 (Hungarian civil code)