Training like a Pro with Justfit Pro

Training like a Pro with Justfit Pro

How to start the training with JustfitPro? Are you up to training like a Pro with Justfit Pro? Then let’s start with some basics and get ready!

Watch the video in order to gain more information about JustfitPro or read the abstract below!

Get ready with technical steps!

You start the preparation for the training session by tapping on the «add new user» button to create the client’s profile. Fill out the gaps, accept the GTC and the Privacy Policy and save it. Now you are redirected to the ticket sales page where you can track the validity of the tickets or trace previous training sessions. Keep in mind that without selling an online ticket to the client, you can’t start your training session.

On the left side of the interface, the list of clients is displayed, which can be filtered by name and email address. To make searching even easier you can scan the QR code of your client.

Choose the Calendar tab to track scheduled and finished training sessions of the day or book the upcoming appointment of your client. Just select a date, select the client from the list, add the time frame then save it.

Are you ready to get down to business?

Finally, get down to the training. Select your client, sell her a ticket, or redeem a valid ticket purchased before.

Choose a training mode now. There are 3+1 main groups of training programs: cardio, strength, beauty/relax and the manual training mode. As you tap on the chosen mode, the system will immediately start searching for the connected control unit. As soon as the serial number of the control unit appears on the screen, tap on it and you will be redirected to the training screen.

Now, some details regarding the training

Now tap on the play button to start your first training. In the center of the interface you will see the reset button and the synchron selector that enables to adjust the impulse strength on several muscle groups simultaneously. Increase the master up to 75-80% and set the impulse strength on all body parts individually or with the help of the synchron selector.

— In strength mode, we usually do static exercises to keep muscles under control. In this mode you can adjust the impulse strength, impulse time and pause time.
— Cardio mode is based on aerobic exercises usually by continuous stimulation.
— The massage program helps muscles relax. Make it even more effective by extending it with stretching exercises or just lay down, relax and enjoy.
— We recommend the manual mode for advanced level trainers. It needs a higher level of expertise since all settings are completely personalizable to fit the needs of the client. Exercises performed in manual mode depend on the adjusted settings.

You finish the training by tapping on the stop button.

Training like a pro simultaneously? No problem!

The Pro system offers the possibility to train several people simultaneously in different training modes. The single training mode is limited to 3 clients at most for safety reasons.
By choosing the group training mode, you will have the possibility to train up to 30 people at the same time.

Enjoy the unlimited possibilities with JustfitPro.

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